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    No More Cookie Cutter Solutions for Non-Profits

    Traditionally, Not-for-Profits have not had much choice when it comes to the systems they use to get the job done.

    Big systems pitched specifically to Non-Profits are typically multi-functional, one-size-fits-all systems that don’t do anything really well. Or maybe the system is great for one thing, but only so-so for another. Or, everything works just fine, as long as you know about the work-arounds that your colleague or predecessor adapted to fit your team’s needs.

    Maybe you’ve used very functional, off-the-shelf solutions, like Excel spreadsheets. A lot of them. There are certainly plenty of functions there, but they don’t really work together, quite how you'd like them to.

    You don’t try to drive a nail in with your hand, so why manage complex projects, donor information, outcomes reporting, and financials with spreadsheets and emails?

    There is a BETTER WAY for Non-Profits to succeed in:

    • Donor management
    • Volunteer management
    • Program planning & overseeing
    • Financial tracking
    • Outcomes measurement

    Online database software provides your organization with the best tools to get the job done in the simplest, most efficient way possible. Make the most of your human and financial capital by using software that works the way you want it to. Read about how United Way of Calgary are saving time & money with simplified, functional processes that improve their workflows…

    Clearstream Collaborative takes the pain & frustration out of IT “systems” by building really great databases that work the way people want to work. Truly user-friendly Not-for-Profit software is finally here!

    Take our tour to find out how we use Intuit's QuickBase to improve productivity, maximize flexibility, and save you money by getting you onto the Cloud. Better yet, sign up for a free demo for your organization and get started today!

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