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    Getting Onto The Cloud: Easier & More Profitable Than You Think

    There’s much uncertainty, skepticism, and indifference surrounding the new-ish concept of Cloud computing: What’s the big deal? Why bother moving all of our info into yet another kind of data ‘system’? How important is it, really? Do we really need to get on board?

    In an article in the Harvard Business Review, Andrew McAfee (principal research scientist at the Center for Digital Business in the MIT Sloan School of Management) argues that cloud computing is a sea change – “a deep and permanent shift in how computing power is generated and consumed” – akin to the shift from steam to electric power in manufacturing.

    Wow. That is a mighty endorsement. But still, most organizations are reluctant to move into the cloud because it seems like a daunting task to tackle the hodgepodge of hardware, applications, databases, and systems that you’re currently working from.

    Well, if McAfee is right, and the change is inevitable, then this is a great opportunity to embrace the competitive advantage, rather than be a slow adopter. Besides, tackling the “legacy spaghetti” isn’t so bad when you’ve got good help.

    Here are 10 reasons why the Cloud is easier and more profitable than you think:

    1. Less administration Cloud-based software means no need for in-house staff to manage the server and its data. As for access, usability, and practicality, well, those things come naturally.
    2. No rework As long as you are working with an internet connection, you can record information once and for all. No re-inputting data from scribbled notes, no redos from one program to another.Adapt simply.
    3. Work anywhere, anyhow. In the field, in a satellite office, working on the go… working on a desktop, a laptop, tablet, or smartphone… You can work exactly the same; no need to learn an adapted version or set up special access.
    4. Adapt simply Because you won’t have your money & efforts tied up in static programs & maintenance activities, your team will be free to discover how best to do the work, and work with the technology in new and useful ways.
    5. Collaborate like never before. No waiting around for updates, no multiple documents, email attachments, or outdated information. Real-time updates on the web mean less frustration over failed technology, more to devote to innovation, excellence, and teamwork
    6. Save money. Off-the-shelf solutions are low-cost, but don’t have the flexibility to work with your needs. Custom solutions are prohibitively costly and static. The Cloud allows you to benefit from a customized technology infrastructure without any of the cost or hassle of building it from scratch or maintaining it
    7. Use the info you have. Streamlined data in one central location allows your team to maximize your information in customized reports; decision-making can be made with an easily measured, full-scope understanding of the data
    8. Competitive advantage. Real-time updates and open communication mean no more lag time when dealing with clients and stakeholders.  Read how The BIM Group saved their clients $100,000s by implementing Cloud-based Quickbase for their project management
    9. Work productively. Simple file-sharing, intuitive work processes, quick changes when needed… less time spent managing data = more time driving your organization’s vision
    10. Reform spending. Working from the cloud means no more fixed expense of software updates; you can move your IT expenses into a consistent, budgetable, operating expense.

    Ok, just one more...

    Unanticipated benefits. Start with a simple goal, like consolidated information or increased productivity. Then see how the real-time, open forum, adaptable context creates growth and improvement that you never even thought of: emerging leaders, empowered by their simplified work process; innovative ideas from online collaboration; data patterns that change the way you interact with clients, gaining more; great things result when your systems are working with you!


    Not convinced? Try out one program, and you’ll be amazed at the transformation of your team’s productivity, engagement, and satisfaction in their work.

    Take our tour to find out how Clearstream Collaborative uses Intuit's QuickBase to improve productivity, maximize flexibility, and save you money by getting you onto the Cloud. Better yet, sign up for a free demo for your organization and get started today!

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