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    At Clearstream Collaborative, we are business people first. Our creative, multi-disciplinary team brings experience from many industries: not-for profit, oil and gas, construction and engineering to name a few. 

    What is in our name is what is in our core:

    Clear:  Removing the debris, the barriers to success for our clients’ people. Our people and our solutions are transparent and direct, clear and simple.

    Stream:  Ever-flowing, adapting to the changing needs and circumstances of today’s organizations. Our routes are flexible, but always the most direct path to bring new life to our clients’ work.

    Collaborative:  Working with our clients to understand the way they go about their business, and together to find a perfect, painless solution for their team’s day-to-day needs.

    We value:

    • Supporting People to do their Best Work
    • Effective Use of Time & Money
    • Flexibility & Adaptability to Ever-Changing Needs
    • Enjoyable Collaboration
    • Innovation & Creativity

    The Why?

    We created Clearstream Collaborative out of a desire to bless the world: the organizations in it and the people working for them. Great ideas and the great people working on them are limited when their systems aren’t working with them.

    We help your team to break through the plateau in success by designing day-to-day interactions that work with you. The result is an infusion of new life into your work: time is saved, people are empowered, and innovation abounds.

    Clearstream Collaborative Inc. is based in Calgary, AB, Canada.

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