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    the Approach

    We get a kick out of helping organizations realize their strategic goals by working together to find innovative ways of getting the job done. First, by understanding how you work, then by choosing the right tools to get the job done.

    1. Business Analysis

    We help organizations to visualize and articulate ideal business processes. Most often, leaders change the way their team works to accommodate “the system”.  But IT is not a master to be served – it should be your friend!

    2. The Right Tool

    Our priority is creating systems that work the way you want them to. Organizations are complex, and rarely does one solution fit all. We are always scanning the market for the best solution possible for our clients. Whether that means configuring a new system, adapting a legacy system, or tweaking what you’ve got, we will find a perfect, painless solution.

    Quick Base

    Intuit thought out of the box (literally) to create a revolutionary software solution for database needs: Quick Base, an online database which can be quickly customized to enhance your organization’s workflows and maximize your people’s efforts. We think it is the best tool to get the job done:

      • Flexible, scalable: Quic kBase adapts to your workflows, not the other way around
      • Centralized data: QB streamlines information gathering by letting your team easily add, edit or delete data in one centralized web-based location
      • Team collaboration: QB keeps the right people in the know with controlled user access and customized notification system
      • Simplicity: Reduce system administration with one solution in one location, handled by the experts in their field
      • Trustworthy: QB has successfully impacted over half of the Fortune 100, including Google and Procter & Gamble
      • Capacity: Intuit has proven its capability to manage critical data with TurboTax and QuickBooks; your server needs and data security are far exceeded, well above any in-house, small-scale alternatives
      • Results: Quick Base allows organizations to reclaim time, streamline information, and collaborate with ease; values that match Clearstream Collaborative’s own for bringing success and growth to great organizations.

    3. Collaboration

    We firmly believe that working together with people you enjoy inspires amazing results! Our approach is rooted in a thorough understanding of organizational effectiveness and a deep care for people. We are as passionate about your success as you are. Because of this, we operate by the Agile Manifesto:

      1. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
      2. Working software over comprehensive documentation
      3. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
      4. Responding to change over following a plan
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