Painless data management in the Cloud
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    Keep Track of Important Things

    • Customers
    • Projects
    • Employees
    • Donors
    • Vendors
    • Volunteers
    • Schedules
    • Activities
    • Tasks
    • Estimates
    • Documents
    • Outcomes

    Everything that you need is tracked and contained in one place, tweaked and refined into a perfect, painless system that works the way you want it to work. Don’t know how you want to work? We’ll help you with that, too.

    Get Real-Time Information About Your Things

    Real-time updates on the web mean that every person with access is seeing current information. No more multiple documents, email attachments, or out-of-date information among the team.

    Easily Control Who Sees What Things

    You get full control over who has access to your things and what they can do with them so everyone has only what they need.

    Get Notified When Things Change

    Deadlines approaching? New updates to the project?  Automated notifications and custom dashboards keep everyone on your team in the know and on track. 

    Make Things Work Together

    Working with multiple systems, spreadsheets, databases, emails, devices and a myriad of documents can be confusing, exhausting and generate mistakes and re-work. We can help you simplify, integrate and consolidate so you can concentrate on doing your best work.

    Save Your Money

    Costly technology investments
    Servers and IT administration
    Software update costs
    Development and maintenance costs
    Capital to invest elsewhere to drive your vision

    Make More Money

    Real-time updates and open communication mean everyone is on the same page, so no more lag time when dealing with your customers or donors. Faster, more informed communications mean impressed clients and cared-for stakeholders. More efficient systems mean more work done in less time. See how The BIM Group increased their client base and profits with our solutions.

    Change When You Want

    Your organization is dynamic. As it evolves, priorities, structures and workflows will change to capitalize on new opportunities and overcome new challenges. Clearstream’s organic approach ensures that your systems quickly adapt with you. Our solutions are flexible and scale to meet your changing needs. 

    Collaborate from Anywhere

    Team members working in the field? A satellite office? Different country? Information is shared without a hitch, as if everyone were in the same room, working simply and efficiently.

    Reclaim Time

    Our solutions mean less time spent managing data and more time driving your organization’s vision. Teams don’t just have more time, but better time: full of productivity and impact, instead of misuse of their talents. 

    Work is simply easier to do – quicker to accomplish and more enjoyable, too. 

    Empower Your People

    Everybody knows the experience of being slowed down by software that doesn't work the way you want it to. Hours are spent as a slave to "the system": plugging in data, wading through functions and forms, or drumming your fingers waiting for another department to send you what you need.

    Our solutions let leaders bring new life to their team’s efforts. When people and their apps can work together, they are empowered to new levels of performance and innovation.

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